2021 Ultimate Guide to Increase WordPress Site Speed

🚀🚀Speed up your #WorPress site🚀🚀

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This is the 2021 Ultimate Guide to Increase WordPress Site Speed :

  1. Test Website Speed
  2. Choose a Good and Reliable Web Host
  3. Always Keep Your Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Software Updated
  4. Only Use High-Quality Themes and Plugins
  5. Check Plugins & Make Sure They Work
  6. Delete Unused Themes and Plugins
  7. Optimize Website’s Images
  8. Choose the Right Image Resolution & Format
  9. Add LazyLoad to Your Images & Videos
  10. Pay Attention to How Fast Google Ads Load
  11. Reduce the Number of Redirects
  12. Use a High Quality DNS Provider
  13. Make Sure to Use Content Delivery Networks
  14. Minify and Compress Your Website’s Files
  15. Enable Caching
  16. Enable gZIP Compression
  17. Delete or Control Post Revisions
  18. Cleanup WordPress database
  19. Disable Hotlinking
  20. Reduce Spam – Install Akismet Plugin
  21. Disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks
  22. Improving Website Speed on Mobile View

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